LAHORE, 10th February 2013

The PAKISTAN SHOTOKAN KARATE ASSOCATION (PSKA), an affiliated body of SKDUN and FBSKUI (England) organised a Workshop on standardizing kihon, kata and kumite for IFSK Members on the lines of JKA Karate-do as propagated by the Late Nakayama Sensei.

More than 80 brown & black belt students and 20 Black Belt Instructors of PSKA participated under the guidance of Sensei MUZAMMAL AHMED, 5th Dan (FBSKUI, WKF, AIKF, SKDUN) and Class A Examiner, a Shotokan karate veteran instructor of PAKISTAN.

Kata Heian 1-5, Tekki Shodan, Bassai Dai & Gankaku were practised, analysed and Enbu was also taught. The objective is to attain uniformity and convergence of technical training in all PSKA Dojos.

PSKA has more than 50 Dojos with more than 700 students in West PUNJAB PAKISTAN. It is recognised by AIKF and is a main-line Shotokan organisation. Sensei MUZAMMAL AHMED started Karate Training in Early 80’s and has trained under Sensei ZAHID CH, Kanazawa, ASAI SENSEI, ABE SENSEI, G BREEZE, Richard Amos, John Mullin, Kancho Mamoru Miwa, and other great Masters. He is a 'core traditionalist' and believes in 'ikken hissatsu', the JKA way of Karate-do. He also drills in Shobu Ippon as his favourite.

Sensei MUZAMMAL AHMED, 5th Dan, INTERNATIONAL KARATE Special Correspondent IN SHOTOKAN, was also invited to attend the camp. PSKA plans to organize 4 seminars per year on various technical aspects, other than normal camps/championships and grading sessions. Sensei MUZAMMAL AHMED, 5th Dan assisted Sensei M USMAN and the day long camp held at ISLAMABAD, LAHORE, was a resounding success as students spent the full Sunday working out heavily, braving the heat and wiping off the sweat through relentless training!

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