New Book Release: "Karate Towards Excellence"

by Arijit Chakraborty
(Kolkata, India)

Title: "Karate - Towards Excellence"
Ref: ISBN 978-93-5087-984-9
Author: Arijit Chakraborty (April 2013)

In this newly released book of over 100 pages the author has focused on the way of achieving excellence in life through the interplay of physical, mental and spiritual balance which can be experienced by training in Karate, yoga and other allied disciplines. The author has discussed on how Karate training is a way of effective stress management.

Foreword by:
Sensei Anil Sinha, JKA India Chairman.

Messages by:
• Sensei Sattrajit Chaudhury, 6th dan WSKF
• Sensei Purandar Sarkar, 5th dan
• Sensei Somnath Pal Chowdhury, 5th dan WKF

Section A: Technical & spiritual articles on Shotokan (in 4 Chapters)
Section B:Interviews of 8 senior Masters of Shotokan, Shito-ryu and Kyokushinkai:

• Abe Sensei, 9th dan
• Osaka Sensei, 8th dan
• Kasuya Sensei, 8th dan
• Mitsuoka Sensei, 7th dan
• Anil Sinha Sensei, 5th dan
• Fumio Demura Sensei,9th dan
• Peter Chong Sensei, 8th dan
• Aidan Trimble Sensei, 7th dan

Section C: In Memoriam. Thoughts on Shotokan Masters who have passed away.
Section D: Tips for effective training, kata as stress management technique, important kumite strategies & Advanced karate (in 4 chapters).

Price: Rs 195/- (USD $9.95)(/div)

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