Kawakanajima Kata

by Elrico
(San Pablo City, Philippines)

Kawakanajima Kata is a very old Okinawan Karate Kata. According to some Okinawan Karate master's the creation of this Kata was inspired by 4 epic ancient historical battles.

Almost all of the Karate Katas nowadays are revised. Although same names but many techniques are somewhat new and maintaining some original movements only.

Due to the advent of sport Karate and competitions, All Katas presented show fierceness, power and aggressiveness for the purpose of winning. Well we can develop fierceness on our own some have it naturally because of their environment or neighborhood. Most of us develop power in the gym or personal weights at home. But the techniques are the ones being paid in the dojos.

The Kawakanajima Kata reflects a ton of techniques and you can feel the intensity of an atmosphere like being on the battlefield.

I've been a Kyokushin, Goju, Shorin, Aikido, Jujitsu, Wing Chun, Illustrisimo Kali, Boxing and Bartitsu practitioner. I was immediately drawn by the techniques and pureness of the techniques of the Kawakanajima Kata.

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