Japan Karate Association World Federation - Punjab Pakistan

by Sensei Muzammal Ahmed 5th Dan (Lahore-Pakistan)
(Lahore )

The Japan Karate Association World Federation Punjab Pakistan has worked for the promotion and development of genuine JKA Karate in Pakistan since 2014. It is a non-profit organization that strives to uphold the integrity and goals of Master Funakoshi, through Master Masatoshi Nakayama, Master Motokuni Sugiura and Master Ueki Masaaki, which includes following the guidelines and principles set forth by the Dojo Kun and Niju Kun.

JKA Punjab practices authentic traditional Shotokan karate. The aim of JKA Punjab is to spread and promote the legacy of the late Master Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan karate and to provide quality karate instruction to the people of Punjab Pakistan especially the young People. We emphasize not only in developing the students’ flexibility, stamina and strength through practical self-defence applications and exercises, but most importantly we aim to Seek Perfection of Character.

Our program teaches children and young students basic self-defence skills, and develops hand eye co-ordination. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday classes are structured to teach the young beginners. Open classes are held for adults of all ages.

Our unique way of combining traditional Martial Arts training, etiquette, and a philosophy with modern concepts of fitness, self-defence, and competition is unparalleled. We ensure that your training is intense and vigorous, while maintaining a safe and fun learning environment that encourages individuals of all ages to reach their potential.

JKA Punjab has been organising the State SHOTO CUP JKA Championships on annual basis and training seminars with JKA HQ Sensei. The special event of JKA Punjab was the “Pak-Japan Friendship SHOTO CUP 2018. JKA Punjab organised this event on the auspicious occasion celebrating 60 years of Pakistan-Japan Diplomatic Relationships. In this championship senior Officials from the Japanese Embassy, the Consul General of Japan and High Officials of the Government of Pakistan participated.

JKA Punjab has another honour in that we have been publishing the JKA Punjab magazine since 2014. Articles, activities, interviews and a lot of information are available in this magazine. JKA Punjab has initiated a unique awareness program through text messages, news network using cellular phones. Since October 2014 JKA Punjab has sent informative messages to players, instructors, officials and sports personalities on a daily basis. These informative message include; JKA activities, programs, and achievements, history of JKA, JKA World and JKA Punjab.

JKA Punjab is working in all 38 big cities of Punjab under the guidance of Chairman Sensei Muzammal Ahmed and the leadership of Chief Instructor and Representative of JKA Punjab.

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